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                      Classic Rock PARTY BAND

The Rhythm Vandals formed in the late 90s and have performed hundreds of shows.

The band recreates the timeless music of the greatest blues rock based artists of all time in a way that is authentic and powerful.

The Rhythm Vandals continue to draw large audiences everywhere. If you’re  a fan of SRV, Clapton, Hendrix, BB King, Santana. The Rhythm Vandals will take you on a journey that inspires and entertains. The Rhythm Vandals also do a kick ass Santana show called "Viva Santana"


Crest Theater Basement session Dec.  2020

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   Dave "Doctor" Schuler        Michael  Hernandez              Gig 'Chupacabra" Garcia        Johnny Harmon
           Keyboards                           Guitar & Vocals                         Bass  & Vocals                 Guitar & Vocals
                                                                      Lare Garcia Guitar and Vocals

The Rhythm Vandals LIVE recording

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