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"The Rhythm Vandals perform Classic Rock Blues & Southern Rock with searing dual guitar solo's with soulful Vocals.
Be sure not to miss their live show - there's a whole different sound to it and always gets the party rocking with kick ass performances.

The Rhythm Vandals are from Northern California are are 5 seasoned musicians who have opened for many national acts over the last 20 years including Eddie Money - Tower of Power- Malo- War- Sergio Mendes - Cold Blood - and Headlined Concerts, events, festivals, casinos, and clubs.  For bookings, see the contacts page.

Lead guitarist Michael Hernandez and lead vocalist/bass player Gig Garcia are from the bay area , and both became musicians during the late 60s and early 70s, becoming a part of the Bay area blues/rock music scene.  Lead guitarist John Harmon is a virtuoso 

guitarist and has studied and taught music for decades!

The Rhythm Vandals band is fronted by founders and lead vocalists Michael Hernandez, John Harmon and Gig Garcia. The rest of the band features several talented, well-known Musicians from around the state including   Dave Schuler, Rob AShlock,  Gil Herrera,  Lare Garcia and Bill Chiechi. 

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The Girls

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